The outer “platter” is visually pleasing, although be wary of nicks and scuffs. The demo unit on hand already reveals some slight wooden pitting, scuffs and nicks. The surface of the platter has the quite simple Grado labelling, and in the middle of every cup is a quarter sized ventilation opening with mesh cowl. You can see by way of the hole chamber to the opposite side, showcasing the openness of the White headphone.

If I had to rate the readability for gaming alone, it’d be an easy 9. For gaming, the ESP-950 stepped it up with Dolby Headphone. The soundstage was an excellent measurement, and whereas the depth still wasn’t amazing, it was fairly straightforward to poinpoint directional cues. Space between direction cues was excellent, allowing for no confusion or distractions. As previously mentioned, the soundstage whereas not being a stand out, is sort of natural sounding in size. Depth isn’t an actual power, however there’s an considerable quantity of width, with great instument separation.

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The HE-400 is unlike the HE-four, in that it doesn’t require the ability of Zeus to get it to sing well. It wants a further amp to provide the HE400 some headroom. The HE400 could be loud sufficient with sure video games, and never loud enough for others. HOWEVER, they’re clearly lacking in driving drive. Bass was slightly reserved in comparison, mids were a teeny bit distant, the soundstage depth was constricted with the Mixamp alone. This was what gave them just barely higher than DT880 performance in terms of positioning previous to this up to date impression.


Once I added the Fiio E17 to the chain after the Mixamp, the depth actually improved, as did positioning. Not pretty much as good because the DT990, however adequate to be borderline nice. The HE-four distinctly jogs my memory of a cross between the DT880 and premium DT990. Seriously, take each of them, fused them together, add some good refinement, and you have the HE-4. What was lost in that fusion was slightly little bit of the soundstage measurement. Don’t get me wrong, the HE-four’s soundstage is giant, ethereal, and spacious. They just have less depth to it that the opposite planars I have examined, however extra width.

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The White is very competitive by way of what I’d consider excessive degree, hardcore aggressive gaming, without giving up all sense of musicality, and fun issue. If you have the White, rest assured, it is a great headphone for all forms of gaming. It simply happens to be higher for one side than the opposite. All in all, smooth isn’t what I’d name the midrange and treble ranges.

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Positioning was superb whereas amped with more than just the Mixamp, respectable with out. The HE-four hundred impresses on just about ALL other fronts, that these on the lookout for an endgame headphone should not move these up. Currently for $300, the HE-400 is among the many greatest in it is worth range. Playing Mass Effect three, I needed to actually max the volume out when using the Mixamp alone, and it was clearly missing some oomph. So sure, it’s your decision some amp readily available to provide the HE-400 the power it needs to truly bless you with some godly sound. I added the E17, and I couldn’t consider how a lot better gaming with the HE400 became.

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The build quality does not not praise it is price, however. A non-problem as the ESP-950 comes with it is own amp, though folks do take the extension cable and mod it to allow the ESP-950 to be used with more sturdy Stax amps. To get round having to continually re-modify with completely different sources, I set it as soon as, and managed the amount with my Compass-2 (used it as a pre-amp). In terms of gaming, Mixamp house owners will most likely need to set the volume once and modify volume with the Mixamp . The E-ninety is also not the quietest amp, with some very slight background noise that happens randomly. Again, just like the HD650 and LCD2, the ESP-950 is slightly on the warmer aspect of neutral, but like the other two, readability for gaming was very, very spectacular. Actually, if the soundstage was bigger, and depth was better, these may have been proper up there with the AKG K70x’s in terms of god mode inducing readability and performance.

  • Somewhat bass neutral, mids are pretty up front and middle, and neutral treble translates to a really promising headphone for gaming on paper.
  • Better than the PC360 in versatility, engagement, and musicality, I feel the GAME ONE is a good all arounder which can be gratifying for all sorts of purposes.
  • They belong proper up there with the best for competitive gaming.
  • The bass may be a bit too laid back for these wanting some immersion in their non-competitive gaming nevertheless.
  • And I’m happy to report that they are ABSOLUTELY phenomenal for gaming.